CHANGE is a constant necessity with all businesses. Evolving and adapting to more efficient processes and technologies, in a fast changing business environment, is imperative for any brand or business to improve its market share. We partner enterprise in their quest to improve their business processes by implementing customized technological solutions that are easily implemented, managed and are ‘value-driven’. Our management consulting division has engaged for over a decade with both well known and upcoming brands across diverse industries, markets and functions.  From strategy to business expansion into new markets to product extensions we have partnered some of the most exciting companies and brands to successfully meet their market objectives.
  • – Evolving current practices to more efficient, automated processes
  • – Re-aligning internal objectives and strategy through research and analytic’s
  • – Entering new markets and segments
  • – Monitoring and improving operational functions
  • – Marketing research

Our Approach

Business Strategy
Whatever the industry, market or function, when it comes to articulating business strategy the starting point for us is always the Brand and its essence, vision, mission and challenges. Each Brand represents a unique challenge in its market space. Understanding the heterogeneous nature of your market and creating an emotional bond with the target audience with its subsets of cultures, languages and ideologies is a constant challenge. Articulating the big Idea, “the essence” of your brand  along with a vision statement is the first step in our module towards creating an effective business strategy. We undertake market research, do competition studies , set up consumer profiles and do an in depth category analysis to clearly define  your market space for today and the coming years. Our team has over a decade of expertise in building effective brand strategies and succeeding brands in the most challenging of markets. Our research, analysis, innovation and expertise in the field will help your brand to quickly create the most relevant, compelling and consistent experiences for your customers – helping the brand to create its brand equity and reach the target market share.
Brands ultimately have to engage customers in the real world. Our team has partnered with leading service, consumer and luxury brands to execute industry wide best practices and where required re-align internal processes. Service Brands: Service brands have to be truly people-oriented by offering an elevated customer service experience. They have to deliver value in pricing, quality and innovation while maintaining an authentic, consistent brand engagement experience. Our team of management consultants bring to the table vast knowledge base acquired working and servicing some of the most reputed brands in the world. Consumer and Luxury brands: Our expertise in retail market space, store designs, category management, merchandising and identity standards will result in a compelling customer engagement, long lasting customer loyalty and higher margins for your retail ventures. The brands retail presence will be a catalyst to further enhance its essence, values and identity.