Our Company

Our roots span across diverse markets, from Asia to the Middle East, where we have engaged with some of the most respectable fortune 500 brands to partner them in their endeavor to establish and grow their presence and market share. Our team of technologists, management professionals and designers are a confluence of lucent minds dedicated to excellence in their respective fields. The management team has over a decade of experience working closely with established market leaders. Our diversified industry backgrounds and distinguished competencies in strategic management, operations, process management, identity, technology and media help us deliver innovative, impact-full and futuristic enterprise solutions.


“Simplification and Excellence” We are driven by these two simple words that are the core pillars of our philosophy. We do not believe in spruce-ups, extra frills, marketing talk and distractions. We focus on simplifying the most complex business functions and challenges to ensure our clients get solutions that “Simply Work”. We pursue excellence at work with unwavering commitment to quality. We are challenging by nature, mature in our decision making, persistent in our efforts, analytical in our approach and extremely proud of the solutions we deliver. We are a team of LUCENT minds! Convergent analysis for enterprise solutions or divergent thinking to find new paths we partner you in your search for “Excellence”.

What We Do

We are a business technology company. Our team partners our clients and offers total business solutions in three core areas of brand operations. Technology: Web Based Business Applications Media: Digital Media and Marketing Content Consulting: Brand and Business Strategy Our technology division develops business applications covering a range of business verticals, functions and industries. Our Media division supports brand marketing initiatives by producing a wide spectrum of digital marketing content. Our consultancy division brings to the table the required industry specific knowledge-base and management tools that are the basic building blocks of innovation.